Month: June 2015

Five Great Recipes From The Garden

Better Green Beans

Tired of plain old green beans? You can add just a few ingredients to liven those up and your family will love them. I found this great recipe at Midwest Living and wanted to share it with you. Green Beans with bacon and onions is a recipe that takes around 30 minutes to make and I think your family will love the results. Those picky little nibblers won’t fight you about eating their veggies with this on their plates.

With only five ingredients, it is easy to prepare and will look great plated with whatever else you decide to serve to your family or guests.
Image Credit: From recipe page of  Midwest Living

Refrigerator Pickles

Make your own pickles with this recipe from Taste of Home. Refrigerator Garden Pickles that you don’t have to pull out the canning tools to do.

If you love tangy pickles, you are going to love making these from your garden or the produce you purchased at the local farmers market! It will take you about 20 minutes to prep every thing and then about 15 minutes to cook. Add the chilling time and you are ready to serve your family a great tasting treat!

Got Extra Tomatoes?

If you are like me, you always grow more tomatoes than you can possibly eat. Well, I give it a good old fashioned try but I am always looking for ways to use up those tomatoes. I love this recipe from Country Living for Sauteed Pork and Tomatoes. A hearty meal that can use not only the tomatoes from your garden but also those shell beans and green beans you grew.

Did you grow beets?

I hear people say that they don’t care for beets and I usually say, “I’ll bet you never tried fresh beets!”. I didn’t much care for them when I was a kid, either. My Mom bought them in a can and they were, well, awful! Once, I tasted fresh beets from a garden, my mouth changed it’s tune. I love ’em! Try this recipe from The Gardeners Network and I’ll bet you will change your mind on this colorful veggie! Beets ‘n Pineapple

Another recipe for tomatoes

My all time favorite lunch is tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. YUM! Guess what, you do not have to have that soup from a can with a red and white label! Nope, you can make your own homemade tomato soup and once you do… you will never eat canned tomato soup again! It is pretty easy and so tasty you won’t believe it! Try this one from : Garden Fresh Tomato Soup

So there you have it, five recipes that you can make from the produce you grew in your own garden. Didn’t have a garden? No problem! Get these ingredients fresh from a local farmers market or grocery store.