Accenting Your Easter Bouquet with Dark-Hued Flowers

When it comes to making beautiful floral arrangements and centerpieces for Easter, most people think of white flowers, or perhaps an assortment of pastel colors. Few people realize that you can make a truly stunning floral arrangement by incorporating black flowers or dark-hued flowers into the mix.

Black flowers are not actually black, but rather very deep, dark shades of reds, burgundies, or purples. These dark colors can be added to a floral bouquet with white or other light colored flowers to add a dramatic accent to the piece. The use of black flowers within the arrangement will help to create a piece that is truly unique looking that will add a festive touch to your home decor or holiday table.

Featured: Deep Purple Queen of Night Chilled Tulips

Color Symbolism

When it comes to choosing colors for an Easter floral arrangement, it is important to keep in mind that there is a lot of symbolism behind the colors that are commonly chosen for Easter bouquets. White flowers typically represent the resurrection, passion, and rejuvenation. Good flower choices in white include Easter lilies, daisies, tulips, and Azaleas. The color red represents life and being victorious over death. By keeping this symbolism in mind, you can come up with some beautiful white flowers and add some dark-hued flowers in rich red tones to create a striking combination. One of the “black flowers” known as the Black Star Calla Lily, is a very dark shade of red, which would look perfect among white Easter Lilies.

Black Star Calla Lily

The color green symbolizes hope, while purple stands for spirituality. Consider adding some Queen of the Night Tulips to an Easter floral arrangement, for a dramatic touch of greenery and deep purple color. Orange and yellow flowers symbolize wisdom, light, and happiness. With these colors in mind, maybe add some Black Dahlia flowers with their dark-hued purple color to a mix of sunny yellow tulips, white Easter Lilies, and greenery.

Tastefully Using Accent Flowers

When creating Easter floral arrangements using black flowers, remember to use them sparingly. This will create a much more dramatic effect, while still keeping your bouquet looking festive. For example, if you are wanting to use a red flower, consider something like the above mentioned Queen of the Night Tulip or the Black Star Calla Lily instead of the usual “red” color most people would think of. Mixing one or two varieties of black flowers into the arrangement here and there among the lighter colors will really add a dramatic flare and draw attention to the bouquet. Be sure to include any combination of white, yellow, purple, orange, and red flowers, along with greenery. Pick the dark-hued flowers as a companion to or replacement for lighter shades of the red and purple flowers that are typically used for Easter arrangements.

Possible Flower Combinations

Imagine a bouquet with white, yellow, red, and purple tulips, with the addition of a dark red Queen of the Night Tulip. Or, picture an attractive centerpiece using bright yellow Lilies, white Easter Lilies, greenery, and the dramatic Black Star Calla Lily. Try adding some dramatic flare to your Easter floral creations this year and see what beautiful and striking combinations you can come up with.

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