Lambs Ears A Nice Perennial For Indiana Gardens

A nice perennial for consideration in an Indiana Garden is the mound style plant known as Lambs Ears. It is one of many Stachys species that originally came from Turkey, Iran and Armenia but has thrived globally for many years. The reason that gardeners refer to it as Lambs Ears is because of the leaves being rather curved and covered with a white fur like covering that is soft. The silvery version can grow in partial shade to full sun and in Indiana you will find that it dies back in the cold months of winter. Don’t worry, it comes back nicely when the weather warms up! It is a slow grower but will spread over the years.

I particularly like this plant for borders and it does bloom in late spring or early summer with spike like flowers that are small and usually white or pink. I also like that even when not in bloom, they provide a nice contrast to some of the taller darker foliage from the plants that I have behind the lambs ears.

I believe that this particular species of Lambs Ears is what most people are familiar with. You might not have even known that it was called by the name but may know it as Stachys which is part of its botanical name.

Lambs Ear – Silver Carpet

This particular species of lambs ear produces some nice rosy lavender flowers on tall spikes in the middle of the summer. Unlike the other types of lambs ear the leaves on this plant are a dark green with a glossy look rather than the silvery foliage that we find with its cousins. If planted in full sun, you can count on this plant to spread over time. It makes a nice plant for rock gardens or borders.

Lambs Ear – Hummelo

I think that you will find that this is a very easy plant to grow. Many times it is a choice that adults give to children to grow in their own gardens because it is so easy to grow. The other reason is that kids love to feel the soft furry leaves. Lambs ear is actually a perennial herb but here in the US, we rarely use it to cook with but choose to just have it adorn places in our flower beds.

Have you ever used Stachys or Lambs Ears in your garden? If not, it is certainly one to consider as you plan your flower beds for the coming seasons. I don’t think that you will be disappointed.

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