Lily of the Valley The Birthday Plant For May

Sweet little bell shaped flowers with a pleasant fragrance, the Lily of the Valley is the birthday flower for the month of May. This little flower is associated with humility, pureness of heart, happiness, and sweetness. One legend of the Lily Of The Valley is that it was formed from the tears of Eve as she was banned from the Garden of Eden.

May’s Perennial Plant

The Lily of the Valley is a perennial plant that grows best in the shaded area of the garden. The plant multiplies through rhizomes underground. A hardy plant flowering in late spring. Favored for it’s sweet fragrance, it is often used as a ground cover in the shady areas of garden. All parts of the Lily of the Valley are considered to be poisonous. However, it has been used in medicines and herbal remedies for heart and epilepsy.

How To Plant A Lily Of The Valley Plant

Here is a nice video that show you how to plant the lily of the valley in your garden.

When I was a young girl, my Grandmother had Lily of the Valley growing on the north side of her house. The sweet little white bell shaped flowers were planted in front of large ferns and had a dramatic effect. It is funny how over 50 years later I can still conjure up that picture in my mind of the flowers in May at my Grandmother’s house.

In a Christian legend it is stated that the tears of Mary turned into lilies of the valley at the crucifixion of her son Jesus. Sometimes these little flowers are called Mary’s Tears.

Traditional Plants In White

At first glance it looks like the traditional plant with the sweet little white bells but what makes this option different is that the bells are actually doubles. They are fragrant and just lovely in any garden! You get three plants in one pot to start a lovely display in any shady area of your flower beds.

Lily of the Valley plants are believed to ward off evil spirits from the garden.

I know I get so excited when I start to see the green leaves of this sweet little plant start to sprout up out of the ground each year. The tiny little white bell shaped flowers look striking against that wonderful shade of green of the leaves! I don’t do much with them each year other than let them spread as a ground cover. Oh, occasionally I’ll find that they have started to spread in an area that I would prefer that they not be. That is when I just dig up that little one and put it in an area where it is welcome.

Lily of the Valley from Nature Hills Nursery

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